Wherever your adventure takes you, brew a great cup of coffee anywhere with the AeroPress. The compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for travel, allowing you to enjoy rich, full-bodied coffee on the go.

Patented 3-In-1 Technology

See the AeroPress In Action.

How the AeroPress 3 in 1 Brew Method Works

The science behind the worlds best reviewed travel coffee press.

Step 1:


  • As hot water is poured over the grounds, the coffee is wetted and aerated.
  • This aeration, which can be further accelerated by stirring, speeds up the extraction process and helps remove sour carbon dioxide from the brew.
  • This method unlocks a smooth flavor profile, characteristic of a pour-over.

Step 2:

Fast Immersion

  • The coffee is left to steep, allowing most of the extraction to occur.
  • Varying the grind size and steeping time can bring out different flavour notes.
  • Immersion brewing with the AeroPress results in a full-bodied flavour profile, similar to that of a French Press.

Step 3:

Air Pressure & Micro-Filtration

  • As the plunger is pressed, the increased air pressure accelerates the brewing process, reducing the acidity and bitterness associated with longer brew times.
  • The brew passes through a paper microfilter, removing coffee grounds, grit, and bitter oils, resulting in a smooth mouthfeel and the signature AeroPress flavour.
  • This air pressure allows the AeroPress to achieve a richness similar to espresso.

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